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Covid 19 info & Updates

Last updated FEB 1, 2021

Dear OGC families, we are looking forward welcoming campers to OGC Summer 2021!   This year due to COVID-19 pandemic we will limit numbers of campers, keep social distancing precautions and do everything possible allowing campers train and get back to doing what they love in a safe environment and of course have lots of fun.


We will be following rules and guidelines from CDC, USAG and local state-by-state authorities.

We have been developing new protocols and practices that we will follow.  Some of these protocols include:


  • Drop Off and Pick Up Zones - Most parents are comfortable with drop off/pick up. ON FIRST DAY OF CAMP IF YOU PAYING BALANCE by CASH please send your child to camp with envelope (write camper first and last name).


  • At the drop off zone, we will take roll and take the child's temperature while still in the car.  Drop off and pick up will be at the front entrance only.


  • Every person entering the building (including coaches and parents) will have to have his or her temperature taken as well prior to entry.  100.4 degrees or higher will not be permitted to enter.


  • We ask that if your child has had a fever, sore throat, cough, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rash, red eyes/tongue or throwing up, they need to remain home for a minimum of 48 hours until they are symptom free.  If your child will develop any of the following symptoms at camp, parent will be notified immediately and required to pick up child.


  • We strongly recommend parents NOT staying during camp workout due to social distancing measures and gym capacity.  We are hoping that as recommendations change we will be able to allow parents in the gym.


  • Once in the facility, the kids CANNOT congregate.  They will have to remain 6' apart at all times.  You may have to discuss ideas with them about HOW they can do that, and that it is necessary that they participate in this practice.


  • CAMP will provide individually packed snacks twice a day and PIZZA for lunch last day of camp. If your child does not eat Pizza, please pack your own lunch


  • Camp schedule will be emailed to every camp location with more detailed daily camp information


  • Please send with them, only the things necessary, in a large plastic bags or something that can be easily cleaned, laundered or discarded when they return home.  These items are:   Grips, hairband, tape


  • INDIVIDUAL CHALK inside zip lock bag with camper name on it


  • Water bottle with camper name on it


  • Hand Sanitizer - their own bottle


  • BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH and BEACH TOWEL will be required to be used during LUNCH time for each camper.




  • We will continue to adhere to our campers coach ratios of 8:1, so we will be in groups of 10 or less (including the coach), as prescribed.


  • Prior to rotating to the next event, the campers and the coaches will sanitize the areas and mats they used;


  • We will make sure that they are spaced apart at each event, including during warm up and conditioning.   The gym is naturally set up for social distancing.


  • Between events, after cleaning the area they were using, coaches and athletes will all be required to wash their hands with soap and water.  We will monitor their access to the sinks to make sure they go in one at a time.


  • When they rotate to events, they will need to walk spread apart as well.  If we find they cannot do this on their own, we will provide a rope with knots tied in it every 6 feet to assist them with spacing.


  • Coaches will be using mostly hand off methods of teaching, but when spotting is required, the coach will wear a face covering/mask.


  • At the team level, hands on spotting are integral to safety and correction.  If you are uncomfortable with this, then you can and should reconsider whether or not you wish your child to attend.  This is your decision fully.


  • There is always a chance that there could be incidental breach to these social distancing efforts.  Again, if you are uncomfortable with this possibility, you may wish to reconsider participation.


  • We have confidence the campers will get better at all of this in short order.  If we find it is not working, we will adjust our methods.


  • We highly recommend that your child showers/bathes immediately upon returning home.


  • For those at high risk of severe consequences of the virus:  If your child is immunocompromised, has an underlying condition (such as asthma, diabetes, etc.), or if your child resides in the same home as someone who is immunocompromised, has underlying conditions or is above the age of 65, you should consider not yet returning to this activity.  In this sport, physical safety from injury is difficult to guarantee, and health safety from a novel virus is surely not something we can guarantee.  We can put good protocols in place to reduce risk, and while children and adults in our age group continue to suffer the lesser effects of this virus, we can't state strongly enough, that we can give no guarantees.  Each of you will have to look at your personal living situations and evaluate your risks.



Svetlana Boguinskaia OLY

3 Time Olympic Champion

5 Time World Champion

9 Time European Champion

Owner of OGC camp

Booking manager of 7 Time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina

Cell:   +1-281-785-2059

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